HEAVEN by Isamu Noguchi

Last month, I happen to be in Tokyo so I dropped by to Sogetsu Kaikan ( Sogetsu HQ Building) which is located in Aoyama.  I’ve been studing Ikebana, the Sogetsu style for quite a while and I wanted to get a book by Sofu Teshigahara the founder of Sogetsu.

It’s been, maybe like 10yrs? since I went to Sogetsu HQ.  I went to see a textile exhibition taken place at the main entrance hall designed by Isamu Noguchi.  This hall (space) is call [Heaven].  It’s a rock garden ( huge staircase, mountain??) .  BTW, this building itself is by an Architect, Kenzo Tange, and both Noguchi & Tange was Teshigahara’s good friend.

It was a bit challenging to take photos in this space, but I tried…


IMG_2254 IMG_2255 IMG_2256 IMG_2257 IMG_2260


前回、おじゃました時はヨーガンレールさんのテキスタイルの展示会で、草月会館に入って目の前にある玄関ホール、Noguchi Isamuさんの石の庭「天国」での展示会でした。段々になっている庭を上りながら、美しい布を眺めつつ、画集を買い求め、ヨーガンレールさんにサインを求めた事が懐かしいです。








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