March & April (3月17日追記)

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(Japanese first then English follows)

ホームページのINFOのページにて、3月と4月のカレンダーがアップされました。 3月、セールも終わり静な町並みに戻っている元町エリアですが、3月15日は横浜マラソン大会です。お天気が良い事を祈りつつ、ランナーの応援に出かけてみませんか?マラソン大会から2日後、17日の夜10時にクィーンエリザベス大桟橋に入港です。翌日18日の夜9時半に出港予定です。今度こそは生エリザベス号を見たいと狙っております〜。 そして、4月になると‥そうです、桜シーズン到来です。元町エリアなら元町公園からスタートし、外国人墓地方面を向かい、テニス発祥の地である山手公園がお薦めです。もし、時間があれば、山手公園から本牧通りへぬけて、本牧通りの桜を見つつ、三渓園でお茶して〆に根岸森林公園。(早朝の森林公園から三渓園の逆パターンもお薦めです)

We just uploaded March and April calender in the INFO section at our Homepage. Our semi-annual sale ended on March 1 and the over crowded streets of our town is back to norm.  The next coming event in March is Yokohama Marathon.  It’s a first full marathon open to public citizen to participate!  This time the streets will be packed with runners.  Come by to the central city to support the runners! Following the marathon, on 17th night, around 10pm Queen Elizabeth is stopping by Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal and will be leaving the following day 18th at 9:30pm.  This vessel is HUGE.  I mean really HUGE.  So huge that the boat have to come in at night when the tides are low. Low enough for the boat to go through the Bay bridge without clashing into each other.  Last year was the first time Queen Elizabeth actually made it to our port, and the local gazed at it like it was something alien—out of the world experience.(LOL)  Anyway,  lots of people will be down at the port during these days.  I’m planning to drop by in the morning on my way to work. By the end or March the Cherry Blossom trees in town will start to bloom.  The peak of the season should be at the beginning of April.  Lots of local will be strolling around to view the beautiful trees.  There are many good spots in town and if you’re in Motomachi area, I recommend starting at Motomachi Park and walk up the hill to foreign cemetery,  then walk to Yamate Park which is the park with the first tennis court in Japan.  If you still have some time, walk down the back of the Yamate part to Honmoku street to Sankeien park.  If you are willing to hike more, then from Sankeien park walk up the hill to Negishi Shinrin Park.  I also recommend the other way around, Starting from Negishi Shinrin park early in the morning and walking back in to the central city.  Anyway, enjoy!


3月17日に入港を予定していましたクイーンエリザベス号は天候が悪化した為、入港をキャンセル。The ship, Queen Elizabeth which was suppose to come on Mar 17 was cancelled due to the storm.